The artists: taking a standpoint

The main task and passion of Kunstnavigation is to do justice to the artist and the place where he exhibits.

To show the outstanding and always new, because changing, artists and to bind them to oneself for a period of time in order to organize and jointly curate fine exhibitions in the "temporary art rooms" is the dearest work of Kunstnavigation.

It is a long-cherished and cultivated passion which, especially in the "direct and interactive" collaboration with the cooperation partners, has always been an "enrichment" for all involved.

As already in 2019, the focus of the Kunstnavigation this year is on the "work" of Rhineland based artists.

Artists 2019 / 2020

Ela Mergels. R.J.Kirsch. Jo Pellenz. Suat Sensoy. Jens Emde.